20. I love music, nature, movies, food, cats, and quite a few people, tea and art. Send me your music and art! I love to see real stuff. Also, if you're ever in need of someone to talk to or advice, let me know.


I have days when everything is great and I love everyone and life is intriguing and wonderful.
Then I have days where I can’t smile and the sadness just takes over. 

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I took this picture on my phone.  Please be impressed by me..
I took this picture on my phone. 
Please be impressed by me..
Freaking love my hair lately.



"What you lack, is something that cannot be taught."


"You’re not scary.”


Well Dean Hardscrabble,


Bobby from Kansas


would beg to differ.


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Urgent - Please Spotlight:
I regret to tell you that Christina Fonthes - a dear friend and organiser of Rainbow Noir has been held against her will in The Congo - she was on a family holiday with her mother who has decided to have Christina ‘cured’ of her sexuality. 
Christina has managed to escape from her aunt’s house and is currently hiding out with a friend. She has access to internet and has been communicating with us via email. The next available flight is 2nd September - 5 days away! Chris needs help and protection from the British Embassy in Congo but her mother has reported her missing and therefore we need to get in contact with both the UK Home Office and UK embassy in Congo to let them know that she is in danger and that her mother is lying/the one endangering her life!!PLEASE SHARE THIS ON ALL YOUR NETWORKS. CALL, EMAIL, TWEET the British embassy on behalf of Christina - the more we call, the more attention it will bring to her case and hopefully they will act quicker in getting Christina to a safe place. HER MOTHER HAS HER PASSPORT AND TRAVELING DOCUMENTS!CHRISTINA’S LIFE IS IN DANGER. PLEASE DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. 
If you can help please contact @RainbowNoirMCR or @WritersofColour on twitter.
UK EMBASSY: 0871 050 5840 public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.ukDETAILS OF THE EMBASSY IN CONGO ARE HEREhttps://www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-embassy-kinshasa

Please re-tumblr this. This is an actual friend of ours and we need your help to get her home safe.
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